July 08, 2016

Rachel Barton Pine Comes Home

Chicago's own hometown violin virtuoso Rachel Barton Pine makes a long-overdue return engagement to the Grant Park Music Festival on Wednesday, July 13 to solo on Bruch's flashy Concerto in G Minor, an audience favorite beloved for its flowing melodies and graceful rhythms.

Pine is known for playing with passion and conviction across an extensive repertoire, thrilling audiences with her bravura technique, lustrous tone and infectious joy in music-making.

Able to show the connecting threads between classical and rock music, Pine is a bridge between generations of music fans; hailed as an artistic ambassador, she visits radio stations and clubs to perform her own arrangements of rock and heavy metal songs followed by classical pieces to show how the two genres share a similar intensity and compositional complexity, and to help draw new listeners to classical music.

Festival audiences, seasoned and new, classical and rock ’n’ roll, will be intoxicated by Pine as a gifted interpreter of great classical and contemporary works. And she is no stranger to Bruch. In fact his Violin Concerto in G Minor was the first big romantic concerto Pine learned at age eight, and at 14 she first soloed on the piece with an orchestra. It’s been a favorite part of her repertoire ever since. From the first time she performed the concerto, she recalls that its grand third movement, with its complex “Bruch tenths,” always made her smile when she played.

“This music is amazing and it doesn’t get any less amazing no matter no long you’ve been doing it. Twice as many years later I still get just as excited,” she says, adding, “but you probably won’t see me grinning from ear to ear on stage.”

Poland’s Michał Nesterowicz, one of the world’s most sought-after conductors, guest conducts Pine and the Grant Park Orchestra.

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