Harris Theater

205 East Randolph Street

The Harris Theater is a cozy, accessible, underground venue located at the northern edge of Millennium Park. Each year, the Grant Park Orchestra heads indoors during the annual, four-day popular music festival Lollapalooza, which takes place July 28-31, 2020.

Plan Your Visit

  • Masks are required at the Harris Theater.
  • Our Pre-Concert Lecture will take place 60 minutes before the start of the concert in the Donor Lounge on the 2nd floor.  
  • The Lobby opens 90 minutes before the start of the concert.
  • The seating area opens 30 minutes before the start of the concert.
  • Late seating is permitted only between movements. The first movement of Mahler's Symphony No. 9 is more than thirty minutes long, meaning patrons will have to wait in the lobby for that break. There will be an audio feed.