Our Supporters

Tribute Gifts

The Grant Park Music Festival wishes to acknowledge those who have been honored or remembered through a tribute gift. Listed below are the donations received since May 1, 2019.

In honor of the wedding of Chantal Forster and Michael Duff

Grace Armbruster
Ellen Barry
Jen Bokoff and Chris Drane 
Amy and Brian Boonstra 
Jennifer Brower
Amy and Kip Brown 
Jeffrey Rappin and Penny Brown
Liz Cartwright
Jeannine Corey
Michael W Cusick
Edima Elinewinga

Sheri Gilley
Adam and Stephanie Grais
Clay Helberg
Ruxandra Hill
Todd Horkey
Aleksandra Khasina
Colleen Kilbride
Zach Limacher and Rin Mason 
Ryan McLean
Layla O'Donnell
Joe and Cindy Panfil

Elizabeth Pinkus-Huizenga
Tanja Pleis and Michael Ladi
William Robertazzi
Kwame and Kim Robinson
Linda Rosano
Sarika Sheth
Ari and Staci Studnitzer 
Jesse Sugarman
Carrie Warner
Holli Wertheimer
Kevin Wilson

In memory of Jayne Alofs
Jonathon Bell
Rebecca Breuer
Mimi Duginger
Sally and Michael Feder
Sarah Forbes Orwig
Mary Lou Gilliam
Stephanie and Adam Grais
Mary and Lionel Go
Lee Haas
Jim Harper
Bill Marburger
James E. McPherson
Jessica Memmel
Thomas Orlando
Michael Anthony Ryan
Jill Sadler
Paul Svoboda
Helga Varden and Shelley Weinberg

In honor of Peter and Robin Baugher
Larry and Susan Whipple 

In honor of Amy and Brian Boonstra
Cheryl Istvan
Jayne Hopps
Geun and Yoo Ja Paik

In honor of Penny Brown and Jeffrey Rappin
Laurel Appell Lipkin

In honor of 2019 Advocate for the Arts Award recipient Bob Buford
Ken and Jill Kummer 
Daniel B. Hales
Stephen Durchslag
Barry and Anne Sabloff 
Michael and Laura Hassan

In honor of ushers Therese Chappell and Marilyn Picchietti
Linda Dinn

In honor of Kate Donaldson and Ryan Whitacre
Doug and Mary Claire Allvine
Yehuda Cohen
Robert Loveman
Elizabeth Sharp

In honor of Sondra Berman Epstein
Shawn Donnelley and Christopher Kelly 
Helyn Goldenberg and Michael Alper
Jerome and Mary Kaltman
Courtney Thompson

In honor of Sally and Michael Feder
Jayne Alofs

In memory of Dorthe J. Flick
Geoffrey A. Flick

In honor of Paul and Sue Freehling
Roberta Evans
Marjorie Stinespring

In honor of Eileen and Jim Friestad
Matt Schuller

In memory of John G. Gatsis
Karen Anderson

In honor of GPMF Staff and Ushers
Jeffrey D. Callison

In honor of Adam Grais
Gary and Meme Hopmayer 
Holly Johnson Carr and Tom Carr
Barbara Weiner

In honor of Freddi Greenberg and Dan Pinkert
William and Anne Goldstein

In honor of Marilyn Hackett
Hazel S. Fackler

In honor of Alexis Lacey and Alex Jones
Linda Dinn

In honor of Carlos Kalmar's 20 years
Barbara Ann Strassberg

In honor of Sandra Kamin
Donald and Nancy Borzak
Raymond and Inez Saunders
Kay L. Pick

In memory of my beloved husband, Morton H. Kaplan
Hedy Ratner

In memory of Nicholas Karris
Mary Ann Karris

In honor of Ernest and Sally Micek
Stephanie Luetkehans

In honor of all the fabulous Musicians of the GPMF
Bradley and Katherine Denny
Marianne Schapiro

In honor of Julian Oettinger
David and Mary Bernauer
Joe Fernacola and Gary Yurkanin
Steven Helfand
Jerome and Mary Kaltman

In honor of Lynn Piverski
Kathleen Dowd and Thomas McCann

In honor of Beth Rodriguez and her years of service to the Festival
Marci Eisenstein and John Treece

In memory of Robert Schwartz
Stephen Schwartz and Lynn Hornig

In honor of Lisa Skolnik
Gary and Meme Hopmayer

In memory of Alice Solar Mills
Pamela Forman

In memory of Lois Stachnik
Donald and Patricia Neuman
Judith Thomas

In memory of Fay Stopeck
John and Ruth Fairfield

In honor of David Whitney and Juliana Chyu
Jean Sussman and Ed Lyons

In honor of William Blair
Edgar and Miki Jannotta 

In honor of Paul Winberg and Bruce Czuchna
Sally Narey

In honor of Barbara Zenner's birthday
Judy and Bruce Ackerman